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Painting Aluminum & Vinyl Siding

  The reason paint peels of your house...9 out of 10 times.. is moisture. The surface underneath the paint is somehow getting moist from behind and pushing the paint off, or degrading and losing the bond to the paint. Think of your house as a balloon. Warm air carrying moisture pushing outward to the cooler exterior over half the year in our area..

   Aluminum and Vinyl siding by design allow the moisture to vent. Nothing passes through the siding itself. Therefore refinishing Aluminum or Vinyl can last for decades if done correctly.Knowing the correct selection  of finishes and bonding additives, along with decades of experience in selecting tip sizes and pressures are the key.

 We love painting Aluminum and Vinyl siding because :

A) We are so scary good at it!
B) We love not having to sand or scrape it! 
C) We enjoy making our customers smile.

Benjamin Moore has a great new product for Vinyl ..Revive!



Exterior House Painting
Re- Painting Aluminum and Vinyl Siding.
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